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Why is it impolite to wear hats indoors?

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While initially hats were made for a variety of purposes, perhaps the largest reason was for the protection of the head from the weather.
By and large, people will usually employ the short and straight utilitarian model of thinking, hence the reason why it is customary to wear hats only when serving a common purpose. Abstract logic applied on a higher or lower tier of thinking would suggest otherwise though. Hats employed as a religious tool, or also used in non- widespread spiritual purposes are the lesser common uses of hats. Medical circumstances are another reason a hat may be worn indoors. Perhaps the rarest justification for wearing a hat indoors, is the affiliation or connection to ones body... Some people accept the hat as being an actual part of their body, or the hat may compensate for hair loss and lost youth. Even still, the hat may be looked upon as being no different than a shirt or pair of pants.
-Note: Hats only being considered acceptable indoors is merely a long held perception of the Collective Human Organism. To enforce this perception into reality either on the social, business, or on another layer; would be disparate to any individuals or groups outside of the perception.
Finally: Wearing a hat indoors is the same as wearing the same hat outdoors.
Wearing a hat indoors is practically and morally balanced.
The only case it might be rude is when the hat blocks another person's view in a theater or auditorium.
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