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Why do your clothes keep disappearing?

It's probably the dryer gremlins, they hide inside of the machine they are very small at first so you can't see them they usually hide it those small holes it the back where the fan is, but once you turn it on, the heat makes them larger and they take the clothes and use them for there blankets and own clothing inside the holes . The only way to get rid of them is by capturing a unicorn in the mystical forest of jungle X. It's a 3 month journey through Narnia, across the desert of the Pharaoh's, and into the jungle. To get the horn you must severe the tail and then wind it up and it will fuse into a sword and then saw it off and then stab the horse to hide the evidence because the giants of the jungle might get a little mad. Take the horn and place it in the dryer and turn it on, it will kill the gremlins and once you go to get the clothes you will open it up to see the little bodies all toasted to crap but you have to place the dead bodies in the red sea chain up to keep them from coming back and stealing your clothes. Probably would be best if you use clothes that aren't yours probably like your grandfathers because we all know he wears the sameoutfit everytime you see him so they will be a lot in his closet to use, because baked gremlins are SO rank dead and you don't want your clothes smelling like an 80 year old hairy pus. That's about it....
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