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Why do i like to wear girls clothes?

Someone here is obviously mentally challenged, based on the response I just edited out. (not you, question asker, but the closed minded user who previously answered)

Honestly, I've been looking for a correct answer myself to this same question. It has to do with what you PERSONALLY feel.

I lean towards personally enjoying how they feel as well as how I look as opposed to "traditional" clothing. For you it may be different.

I'm a girl and I don't really know from experience what you're going through, but I can tell you that I think it's like being gay; It's just the way your mind works. It's not wrong just because it's different than most people's ideas. I think that just everyone likes to feel like they look good, and for you that means dressing like a girl.

^ that is very true it's almost like being gay or bisexual, you cannot control how your body works or how your mind works it works a certain why don't try to change it it makes you who you are. I'm a musician, but I went through a lot of Identity Issues in my childhood growing up so I sorta know what your going through.
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