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Why can girls dress as boys but boys can't dress as girls?

boys can dress as girls. It is not socially acceptable but it can be done. I believe it need to be done more often so that it does become acceptable you never know if one boy does it that may give courage to another and another. If you are considering this then by all means go ahead if it makes you happy and feels right to you then it does not matter what others think. Be yourself be happy.

I totally agree.

Also, keep in mind that the first girl that EVER wore a pair of jeans, was wearing something that was referred to as: "Work Pants For Men".


best of luck if you do were a dress

The answers above are absolutely correct, the first woman ever to wear pants was looked at strangly because she was crossdressing. Crossdressing is frowned upon because it allows society categorize us as people. Instead of we deciding for ourselves.

If you want to wear a dress wear a dress it is up to you, only you can decide whats right for you
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