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Where can you get fake chanel bags?

Will you can buy a fake chanel bag at a flea market. They look just the same and nobody can tell the difference even if you think you know all about chanel.some of the bags there are even real.they sell them for no more than 50 dollars. I buy the real bags but when my cousins saw me with my chanel purse they all wanted one and i have alot of cousins i was not going to buy them a real bag that's to much money especially to spend on them. So one of my friends told me i could get them at the flea market.even though i know they sell them at the flea market i still by mine from the millenia mall in Orlando.and if you are wondering how i knew some of the chanel bags at the flea market were real its because they had a card in the purse saying that it was real.
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