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When do the Rockies wear their purple hats?

The Rockies used to wear this cap the during the first three games of the season, then the team would donate the used caps to charity to be auctioned off.

They stopped doing this years ago and you would see the cap on occasion during the regular season, normally when they wore the all purple jerseys.

They phased out the all purple jerseys after the 2010 season. Unfortunately, the Rockies didn't wear the purple cap at all during the 2010 season, yet to the best of my knowledge the cap itself has not been officially phased out.

The starting pitcher determines what cap/uniform the team will be wearing that day. So really, it would only take one person to determine whether or not we see the purple cap in 2011.

It's too bad. The hat is awesome, but they never wear it. This is surprising, because after all, MLB is a business, and if the players don't wear the products, the fans will not buy them like they would if the players wore them.
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