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What you have to do to be a fashion designer?

For a young professional seeking to become a fashion designer with not much designing experience or background is quite challenging nowadays. The first step in becoming a designer is to submit yourself to a fashion institute successively to acquire all the latest necessary tools and approaches to help you achieve your aspired career. Designs and techniques change throughout time and the best place to obtain the newest theories is through a school taught by instructors that hold extensive experience in the field. Not only that, but you will certainly be more attractive in the fashion industry if you hold a degree in fashion design.

Although there are plenty of fashion institutes, I find one particularly intriguing. That is IFA Paris, an international fashion school. I came across their website and thought they offered the most unique program with a true insight of global fashion.

Their Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design & Technology is offered both in Shanghai, China and Paris, France. What a great opportunity to grasp fashion knowledge through two different cultures. China is currently growing from every aspect and no better place to be in other than Shanghai. The most cosmopolitan, diverse, modern city you will find in China. Not to mention the once in a lifetime chance to live and experience the world's fashion capital, Paris! This is the place where you will build basic foundations to become a leading fashion designer as you will get to create your own garments and participate in a fashion show. Many fashion companies welcome designers with different and exceptional background to keep the flow of fresh ideas within the brand.

IFA Paris also offers a Master program in Fashion Business for those professionals who wish to join the business sector of the fashion industry. Such as fashion buying, visual merchandising, store management, fashion marketing, etc...

Here is their website in case you wish to find out more:

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