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What types of underwear contribute to vaginal odors?

Some Odor IS Normal Most women do have some sort of vaginal odor, depending on what foods are eaten, time of month, and medications. Cotton underwear is best and it shouldn't be too tight. Always wipe front to back to prevent fecal bacteria from spreading. Wash with plain soap and water, gently. Rough washing, rough sex, pants that are too tight, and other trauma can cause damage to the delicate vulvular tissue (the vagina is internal though many people incorrectly use the term to refer to the inner and outer lips), which may lead to infections that cause odors. Use gentle baby wipes to cleanse your genital and anal areas after urinating and/or bowel movements. Do not use powders, sprays, or fragranced products on your delicate groin or anal areas. This will make you feel and smell worse, and can cause serious infections. Estrogen dominance may also cause strong vaginal odors and other health problems, such as PMDD, endometriosis, symptoms mimicking hypothyroidism, as well as major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. If you feel that your vaginal odor is abnormal and is accompanied by discharge, see your doctor. Get regular check ups and trust your instincts about your health. Vaginal Odor Problems with body odor can be caused by underwear that makes you sweat more, so cotton underwear and proper hygiene with an antibacterial soap such as Dial will help prevent this. A vaginal odor is not normal, it generally indicates some type of vaginal infection. The most common is Bacterial Vaginosis, also know as Haemophilus Vaginitis. This can cause a fishy odor and sometimes a grayish discharge. Your doctor can prescribe a cream to get rid of this, do not douche before seeing your doctor, this will make it more difficult for him to make a diagnosis. You could also have a Sexually Transmitted Disease.
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