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What type of clothes did women wear 1800's?

woman in the 1800s were ugly so who cares what they wore! right?

The person that answered this question before is ridiculously wrong.

Women in the 1800s wore several layers of clothing. Getting dressed for the day was a lot different than modern times. The first layers consisted of a Chemise (also known as a Slip or Shift), Stockings and Drawers (an early version of underwear). The next layer was a Corset and a Kerchief. Kerchiefs allowed women to maintain modesty since not a lot of skin was shown during this time. Kerchiefs were normally taken off for a formal party or dance. The Gown and Shoes were last to be put on. A ladies hair was normally tied up into a bun, since it was not very common for people to bathe and wash their hair as often as we do in modern times.

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