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What to wear on the first day of fifth grade?

just wear anything comfy cute and stylish. for girls the hair and shoes are what matter. for boys well they just want to look hot for the ladies.

You should pick something that shows YOU and something cute and stylish that fits with the weather if your a girl. If your a girl you should put a cute accessory like a hat, a necklace, bracelets. For an example you could wear some new jeans with some flats and a graphic tee with a cute sweater and some colorful bracelets if it is a little chilly. If it isn't, wear maybe a new jeans skirt with a cute top and some cool shoes with a hat.

If your a boy, wear NEW sneakers or converse or something because it makes you look casual. Wear some skinny jeans with a new shirt. You know, just make your style casual. You might wanna do something with your hair like put a Mohawk with some gel or spike your hair up. You could add an accessory like sunglasses or if your school allows you, a baseball cap, or maybe some other boyish accessory.
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