Clothing Answers

What materials did they use to make clothing during the stone age?

Most clothing worn in the stone age was probably made from the skins of animals. It is also likely that some clothing was made by weaving grasses and other plant life. It is also a distinct possibility that many stone age people often wore no clothing at all.
well they used silk and fabric and well that was really amazing on what they used and well what they used was really awsome and well i loved what they used.well that was really cool and well that was not all that i loved about it and well all that was really amazing and really awsome well i neverd realized that this stuff would be really amazing line but as this was very expensive the poor wore what ever they could lay theire hands usually wool they also wore flax wich is a plant fibre that they grow.and well i also love every thing that they make in their countries and well i also love the way thehy use what they find and they make it. and well i love to see their clothing made out of.
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