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What kind of girls fit better with one-piece swimsuits?

I'll say only skinny girls are allow to wear one-piece swimsuit not bikinis. It will fit them better then bikinis and look better too. Just to let you know I HATE! to see girls wearing bikinis. Girls who wear bikinis are just trying to tell the boys "come and feel free to touch my body" otherwise why will girls wear them infront of boys. Any boys who like to look at girls in bikinis are what you call a PERVERTS. In my own world all the girls are wearing one-piece swimsuits mostly competition types and some regular ones. But when it comes to two-piece swimsuits I only perfer the kind that look like a one-piece but with the middle part of the swimsuit cut off. I also like those string straps too but mostly I'll choose to look at girls wearing the regular kind of one-piece swimsuits.
Just remember ONLY skinny girls fit better for one-piece swimsuits and that is the final answer. Like it or not too bad its my style.
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