Clothing Answers

What kind of clothing did serfs wear?

The type of clothing serfs wore and other lower class people was usually made of rough wool and linen. Serf women would wear spun wool into threading and wove cloth that turned into clothing for their families. Serfs had like one sets of clothing, or two at most. Serf men wore long shirts, and long stockings or leggings. Women wore long dresses of wool, and stockings. Some of the serfs may have worn underwear to offset the uncomfortable wool clothing. The outer garments were almost never washed, though the underwear was cleaned regularly. Wood smoke from the fires covered clothing and acted as a kind of deodorant for serfs. Most clothing colors were a combination of browns, reds, and grays, with only small variations. The kids had to dress as a miniature adult. Both women and men wore wooden clogs or shoes made of thick cloth or leather. When the weather changes to being cold, serfs would have worn sheepskin or cloaks, hats, and mittens all out of woolen to keep out the rain and cold. Many serfs died during the winter months because of all the exposure to the elements.
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