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What is the traditional dress of New Zealand?

The traditional dress comes from the clothing of the Maori's, the native group originally living in New Zealand. They wore grass skirts with colored strands attached. They often wore greenstone necklaces or earrings. Maori textiles are part of the traditional types of clothing in New Zealand. This includes Maori garments and cloaks.

There were two main types of Maori garments: A knee length kilt-like garment worn around the waist and secured by a belt, and a rectangular garment worn over the shoulders. This might be a cape-like garment or a long cloak-like garment of finer quality(Wikipedia).

Intricately decorated cloaks were an important item of dress for individuals of high status within Maori society. There were many of different types of fine cloaks worn by the Maoris, including korowai, kaitaka, kahu huruhuru and kahu kurī (Wikipedia). Pake was a rain cloak made from tags of raw flax or Cordyline partly scraped and set in close rows attached to the muka, or plaited fibre base (Wikipedia).
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