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What is the best style for a wedding dress?

Slim to medium built brides:

Mermaid style wedding dresses are nice; full ballerina style bottom with off the shoulder or spaghetti straps. Just about any style can be worn by slim brides. However, brides who are on the short side should stick to slimmer designed dresses to make them look taller and a little higher heel.

Heavy set brides:

No frills or bows (keep it simple) off the shoulder with either bare arms; capped sleeve or long sleeved and a long skirt to the wedding dress that is not skin tight or too full and hangs from the hips in a simple design. Sequins and pearls are a good touch here and there if the bride so chooses. Wearing a bit higher heel makes the legs look slimmer if the bride prefers a shorter wedding dress.

But keep in mind it all depends on your personal preference and what you like. These are just suggestions.
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