Clothing Answers

What is a lawyer dress code?

There is no dress code per se. Every area is different as to what is accepted courtroom attire for attorneys, as is each judge's individual preferences for his or her courtroom.

Here are a few examples of regional and judge preferences:

- One older sitting judge requires female attorneys to appear in court in skirts, pantyhose, heals, a button down shirt, and a suit jacket. Another judge, allows only blue or white dress shirts under suits, and flashy or goofy ties are a no-no.

- In many Southern states it is acceptable for attorneys to appear in court in seersucker suits during the hot summer months, especially in older courthouses that may lack air conditioning.

- Some judges will allow attorneys to appear dressed very informally (ie. jeans and a polo shirt) on a regular basis, while other judges may allow this type of attire under special circumstances, such as emergency representation of a client, a hearing the attorney became aware of on short notice, during impromptu hearings, or if perhaps that attorney has a temporary medical device, such as a cast, that would make traditional courtroom attire difficult or impossible to wear.

Outside of the courtroom there is really no dress code, certainly as with any professional they should look descent, but nothing says they can't wear jeans and t-shirt when meeting with a client in their office or to visit a client in jail.
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