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What goes good with jeans?

everything. but here's a hint: dark jeans go good with light colored shirt and vise versa. also, UGGs go good, but tuck your jeans in the boot, don't overlap cuz that looks gross. but don't weatr your UGGs with jeans just because it looks good when its really warm outside. the boot idea only really works best with skinny jeans. with light jeans, wear faded shirts of any color, but dark is the best. with skinny jeans, just wear a hot top and your good to go! jeans look good with anything, really. just be creative and fun and you'll look great.

Most anything goes well with jeans, including T-Shirts, brand name clothing, just about anything will do - except for tank tops. Tank tops and jeans just don't seem to match up very well.

depends on the style, cut and color of the jeans.
but for the most part absolutely anything, jeans are very versatile,
but a definite no-no is uggs with jeans. veryyyy bad loook. especially in the summmer.

tank tops with jeans is a very attractive, somewhat sexy but casual look.
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