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What dye do you use for tie dye?

Dear, Asker
i have deleted the first answer because it wasnt what the person was asking at all and i suplied a answer with more than needed info and deeper info than needed also. Yet it is true you can buy dye from the store
you can use food coloring grape juice and cool aid to dye fabric. food coloring does NOT work on cotton but works semi well on wool canvas and can use cool aid though and it works fairly well. grape juice im not to sure about though and would not be able to recommend it to somebody because i have never used it. how ever actually MAKING the de your self is the best solution and i will provide a recipe for it below. If you want to buy tie dye dye then got to blick. Blick has good brand tie dye dye and respectable art supplies.
offical tie dye recipe:
cool aid recipe:
food coloring recipe: i couldn't find a respectable site unfourtanutely
hope this helps From, Woodland Elf

Use procion dye which can be purchased online at Dharma Trading. Procion is what the tie dye masters uses.
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