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What do boys wear in Spain?

Spain is a modern country, but with many traditions of dress. The Spanish take pride in the way they dress, and they dress well compared to people of other western countries. All of the Spanish take much care and thought when buying their clothes because they want to be well dressed. Jeans are acceptable during the day. For non-business visitors, the best clothing to pack are dressy casuals. These can be used almost everywhere, including good restaurants at night. 1. If you are coming for business to Spain and you are a man, you should always wear a dark conservative business suit and tie, even during summer. The only exceptions seem to be programmers, who usually use dressy casuals. The geek look seems to be the standard for programmers in Spain.

2. Men should wear a good watch because most Spanish businessmen wear good watches. If you wore a plastic watch, they may think you cannot afford a good one and they may get a negative impression of you. Go to Calle Serrano in Madrid and look at how the men look at the watches in jewelry stores for long periods of time. The watch is a status symbol in Spain.

3. Men should be sure that the pants they were are the correct length and break a little at the instep. All Spanish men have the correct pant length because when you buy a pair of pants in Spain, the alteration for the pant length is free. If you did not have the correct pant length, it would be very noticeable in Spain. Do not wear shorts.
4. Men should wear leather shoes with rubber soles. The reason for rubber soles is that many cities and towns have cobblestone streets and if the soles are leather, the person may slip and fall down. A good fall can ruin a vacation. Shoes should be clean.
5. Spain is one of the countries that has a wonderful shoe industry. Some of the best shoes in the world are made in Spain. People are very conscious of wearing good shoes. Be aware of this. Good shoes are a good souvenir buy. If your shoes are not good, people will notice it.
Summer Attire at the Beach
1. Men can wear shorts and T-shirts at the beach, with flip flops, if they want to. The T-shirts should not have any message, such as proclaiming that you are from New York City. There are many people who are anti-American and it is better to be discreet. Also no wild colours. Tank tops are a sign of low class. 3. If one goes for lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant, the men should wear shirts or polo shirts and long pants. T shirts are not allowed. The shirt always has to have a collar. Sandals are allowed. Socks are never worn with sandals in Spain.
Summer Attire in the City
1. What would you wear if you wanted to dress casually and go inside the Hotel Ritz in Madrid and sit in the lobby to await a friend? Picture yourself in that situation. If the outfit you choose is appropriate for that situation, then you can go to any place in Spain and have the confidence that you are well dressed. If not, rethink your outfit.
2. Men should always wear long pants. There is no exception to this rule. It is better to bring dark pants that will hide any stains.
3. Men can wear polo shirts or shirts with a discreet colour or pattern. Do not wear anything that calls attention to yourself.
4. The perfect bag for both men and women is the messenger bag, a bag that has a long strap that can be worn diagonally across the chest and held in front of you. That leaves your hands free to hold merchandise in stores or to help you keep in place in the bus or metro. The bag should have zippers that can be closed to avoid being pick pocketed.
5. For chilly days or nights, and for going out to restaurants, men can bring a navy blue blazer or a dark jacket. The inside pocket should ideally have a zipper so that you can keep your wallet safe.
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