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What did a medieval lady wear?

In the Middle Ages, the clothing for the Noble Women was very fancy. The Noble Women wore many layers of clothes to keep warm. They wore long silky dresses that were red and purple to show how wealthy they were. Only royalty were allowed to wear red or purple clothes. Their main dress was called a kirtel. They had long pointy sleeves with hoops at the end which they attached to their middle finger the keep the sleeves down. Their overskirt dragged on the ground and they wore a belt with bells hanging from it. Sometime they had to sew two pieces of fabric together and they had to keep stopping to match up the two pieces. They sewed all their clothes by hand. Noble women wore barrettes, caps with nets that held their hair in place. They also wore scarves that wrapped around the head and throat. As the Middle Ages progressed, women's headpieces became more elaborate.
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