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What classes should you take in high school if you want to have a career in fashion?

I'm not a school councelor, but I would definitely say to take as many classes as you can in high school to maintain a firm grasp on what high school is supposed to teach us. Strong roots I believe is whats going to make or break your career in fasion. I'm sure that you have an idea already of what you need, so just get the most out of everything highschool has to offer, and talk to a councelor, and they may be able to get you some after school college courses to begin the long journey of the fasion world. You may want to start with journalism courses. As a way in it may be a step by step way to up your understanding of the fassion world. This approach will allow you to make connections, and also allow you to familiarize yourself with the "insides" of the business, because I'm sure there are many fields of work in the fassion industry. I hope that helped.
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