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What can happen if you do not wear underwear with a skirt?

Here you can place your ad.$60usd/ Answer: It all depends on where, when, and how long. I will be honest, during the summer months I actually prefer to not wear underwear with a skirt, however, I wear moderate skirts not mini-skirts. I have friends who don't wear panties with mini-skirts and they usually end up exposing themselves(accidently) to others during the course of the evening.

  You could be cited for indecent exposure if someone notices and doesnt like what they see.
You could be considered slutty or easy by popular belief.

  That is entirely correct on both counts. I know of a few women who have gotten cited for indecent exposure due to lack of undergarments, especially with a short skirt.

Other things can happen to. That is a very sensitive area of a female body, and by not wearing underwear with a skirt, you leave that area exposed to the elements. I can imagine frostbite down there, for instance, would not be pleasant, nor would an infection of any kind. if you are wearing a skirt without underwear, make sure your skirt covers enough that when you sit down in public, you are not placing that sensitive area in contact with the seat, or where ever you happen to be sitting, as alot of public places tend to be virtual bacteria farms.
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