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What are the best teen clothing stores for girls?

Here's my opinion from 1-7.

7. Pacsun- Pacsun is well known for it's jeans and good for the styles that are "now". Pacsun has more of a casual look with the newest trends.

6. American Eagle- American Eagle is personally NOT one of my favorites but I think it's ok. It doesn't have that many clothes for option other than graphic-tees which I'm not a big fan of.

5. Wet Seal- I really like Wet Seal because it has cute styles that I think all teen girls would an affordable price!

4. Abercrombie & Fitch-Again, personally I don't shop here that much but this store is well known for it's "cute" shorts and jeans.

3. Hollister- Hollister has a mixture...If you want to go with the more casual graphic tee look they have that! Or, if you wanna go with the dressy. and looking for a cute skirt, this is also the perfect store

2. Aeropostale- Aeropostale is very similar to Hollister. Aeropostale is more well known for it's affordable sweaters & jackets and "in style" graphic tees.

1. FOREVER 21- Forever 21 is a favorite among all teens. It creates a more "New York" style and is VERY affordable and very trendy for your teen girl..this is probably the best bet!
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