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What are the Scottish Highland dance costumes called?

There are two main costumes used for girls in highland dance. The first one is called the HIGHLAND costume, and is worn for the Fling, Sword, Sean Thrubhas and reels, as well as several other dances. It is based off of the men's formal highland costuming. It consists of a pleated kilt, velvet vest or jacket with points in the front and back, white blouse and diced hose. For men, it would consist of the kilt, a (typically) Prince Charlie style vest and jacket, sporran, balmoral and diced hose. The second costume is called an Aboyne or NATIONALS, and is worn for the Lilt, Flora, and several other lesser known dances. It consists of a gathered tartan skirt, white under skirt, white blouse, velvet vest with petals that laces up the front, a sash of the same tartan as the skirt, pinned on the right shoulder and attached at the waist, and white knee high or ankle length socks. Boys wear the same as for HIGHLANDS or may choose to wear tartan trews (pants). There are two other costumes used. One is a red, green and white outfit with a lot of acceptable variations in it used for the Irish Jig. Boys wear completely different (and frankly halarious) costumes for the Jig. The other is for the Sailor's Hornpipe and is either navy blue or white slacks and shirt. If you have additional questions, check out the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dance (SOBHD) website and look under costume regulations, or under highland costuming - there's a ton of pictures there!
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