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What are cool clothes for a 13 year old boy to wear to high school?

Depends on what look he's going for,high school is all about social clicks . The jocks, the geeks, the drama freaks, the skaters,the emos, the preps ect..... He needs to decide what group or click he fits into and then dress to match, it so that he fits in.My 15yr old just survived his 1st year as a freshman and chose the skater look.He wears skinny jeans with printed boxers that kinda stick out the back a little, skater tees and colorful sneakers, most all of his cloths we bought at Zumies and Pac Sun in the mall or from their online sites.It's def good to plan ahead because everyone in high school is super critical and very judgmental.If your not sure what group or look your going for ,then I suggest hanging out at the mall and checking out what the other boys are wearing it may help you decide.I also suggest if you know any teen girls talking to a girl or" girls" your age about what she/they like on guys, their opinion can also be very helpful.Good luck...... :)

customized letterman jacket online.... some high tops maybe... go for some KR3W jeans and some boxers that stick out a little... the Cadillac belts are pretty cool... get a few hats (flat rim) get ur hair same level as your eyebrows and above the ears shortened in the back and flip i to the right.... im a snowboarder tho that's how i dress....
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