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Uggs are wet?

Special care should be taken to dry your UGG boots if they become wet.

Start by stuffing the insides of your boots with paper towels or newspapers. These materials will help the boots retain their natural shape throughout the drying process while at the same time absorbing some of the moisture.

Place your stuffed boots in a warm, dry place. Do NOT put your boots in front of a heat source or in direct sunlight. Doing so will cause excess shrinkage and/or damage to the sheepskin exterior.

Your UGG boots WILL shrinks lightly during the drying process. This is completely normal and the boots will feel snug when you first put them on after drying. The boots will stretch back out to their normal size after a couple of hours of wear.

If your boots, for some reason, were completely soaked/saturated you may want to place them in your washing machine on the spin-cycle. DO NOT wash your UGGS in the washing machine. Use the spin cycle to help get some of the excess water out of the boots before following the steps outlined above.
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