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Should you allow your husband to wear your clothes?

  • If it's kept in the privacy of your home and neither of you mind then each to their own. There are thousands of men out there that will do everything from wearing women's silk panties to work under their trousers, to putting panties in their pocket and feeling them. The silky feel is sensual to the male individual. If this really bothers you and you fear he'll dress in your clothing and parade outside I would say you have a problem. Therapy would be the next step. Men that like to wear their girlfriend's or wives clothing are not gay!
  • Well consider that he has to wear womens clothes. It is not a choice if he is like all the rest of us he was programmed from birth and then a situation arose that allowed the opportunity to put on , most likely panties, and that was that. And yes you know silky panties feel sensual; as is a silky slip, silky nightie, etc. You either accept this behavior and even encourage it or forget the relationship. Does it really matter how a person appears. Is it not who they are that is really important. We are human beings first and then men or women and remember we are all conceived female and then the change occurs as to what comes out later during development in the womb. If your man is able to pass as a woman why not go out in public. I do and my wife goes with me and no one is the wiser. Now if he is 6 feet tall and 200 lbs, then that may have a different bearing on the situation. I am 5'9" and 125 lbs then with makeup and the right clothing it should not be a problem. Be sure you can deal with it all. Once I started down the path of daily dressing and living as a female it is very addicting and I cannot nor do I want to stop. Three weeks ago my wife and I decided to toss the male clothing or I should save give to 'Goodwill.' It was a life altering decision, but I was progressing to the point eventually and she saw it. So now there are two women living in the house. The only thing we share is makeup and shoes (we wear the same size shoe and both love 3-4 inch pumps). I wear a size 9 and she a 5 so we cannot share clothing and while we could share panties we do not. It is our own thing and she like thongs and I like bikini panties. She is a size 34C bra and I am a 36C with help from silicone forms for now. Yup started estrogen so I will eventually develop my own breasts. Lucky I have blond hair so there is not the hair issue many transgendered people have. Maybe it will remain just a fetish or maybe a bit more or maybe like me going to a different level, but consider I will take hormones and not have the final surgery so my wife still has the male part of me.
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