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Should people wear fur?

people shouldn't wear fur because it's basically killing animals just for fashion! Being a fashion lover myself I can understand why people want to wear it. I used to wear fur until I found out how they got the fur. In school we were doing about fur and we were discussingwhether it should be worn or not. None of us could agree if it should be worn or not, half the class thought it was OK and the other half didn't (I was in the OK half of the class. So the teacher showed us a video showing us why it should be worn. it basically said it was to look nice and stuff like that. Then we watched a video about why it shouldn't be worn. The person who filmed this did it with secret footage they had managed to collected. It was horrible! You saw people snapping the animals necks and stabbing a baby rabbit with a really sharp knife! The killed a cow by breaking its legs and then cutting its thought open while it was alive! There was this wolf that had had its fur on all of its legs ripped off, just left with the bone left for it to walk on, And it was still alive! The whole class then Went against wearing fur. I was crying because i never thought that anyone could be that mean. my friends were crying too. As soon as I got home i threw away all my fur And leather And I'm glad I did. I hope anyone who reads this changes their mind about wearing fur.

and it is very very very bad because you are killing animals to be made from fur which is cruel
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