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Is there some kind of symbolism to wearing only one color at a time?

Here you can place your ad.$60usd/ Johnny Cash wore only black ...and so did South African golf great Gary Player,
and the artist formerly known as Prince wore only purple to symbolize (help here Prince fans) something or another,
and brides wear only white to symbolize virgin purity. That must be why the groom must traditionally wear a black tux,
and doctors and medical professionals each wear different colors to symbolize their medical specialty or department in a hospital or other medical job ,
and widows wear only black to symbolize mourning, little revenge for the dead and former grooms),
and washed-out USMC trainees wear baby blue to symbolize that they are not a real man & marine but, by leatherneck standards, still just a baby. Come back when you grow up, kid
and colleges, high schools and professional sports fans often dress only in the colors of their favorite team,
and gangster's wear only certain colors to symbolize & identify the gang they belong to,
and Santa Claus wears only Red/White to symbolize ?Christmas? (help, Santa fans)
and Boston Red Sox wear only red socks,
and Cleveland Browns wear only shades of brown,
and Chicago White Sox wear only white socks,
and the Irish have the green theme,
and, considering all of those examples, that is totaly an opinion and subjective.
There is nothing subjective and factual as many believe. Unless of course you wear only black, earning yourself the label "goth"...
...or better yet, "Johnny Cash".
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