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Is their a cure for a man that dresses like a woman?

Staunchly conservative people may see this as a perfectly sensible question-- they would agree with the underlying assumption that there is something seriously wrong with a man who does this. However, there are many degrees of severity here, involving not only the indidivual but others close to him. This kind of activity is probably more common than most people think. If a man does this occasionally as part of sexual fantasy and play, and if it is not troublesome to his partners, then it hardly seems like anything more than part of his sexual repertoire. On the other hand, he may do this publicly, or in a way that is troublesome to partners, friends and/or family. This may be a different matter altogether. The activity may or may not have sexual motivations. To complicate it further, the man may be expressing an underlying conviction that he is a woman trapped in a man's body. This is a deeply stressful situation for the man, who may in fact be trans-sexual. It is not easy on friends and family either. So the answer to the question depends in part on much more information. In general and by itself, this activity when done in private and to no one's discomfort is harmless.
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