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Is it okay to make a 12-year-old boy wear his sister's underwear if he is caught invading her room and going through her underwear and will this stop

  • I don't think that will help. If he is getting an allowance then take some of the allowance away from him or make him do chores that he does not like to do such as dishes or mopping the floor. Making him wear his sisters undergarments is not nice.
  • Humiliation tactics never succeed and usually create an atmosphere of animosity to those taking such steps thereby escalating the situation.
  • As noted a more appropriate punishment would be to take away something he values for a period of time and also have a serious discussion on everyone's right to privacy and the consequences if that rule is broken.
  • It is not only very nasty; it sounds to me like a sexual punishment verging on abuse. There's a whiff (or more) of Abu Ghraib about it.
  • As far as I'm concerned, it reeks of lousy parenting skills.
  • All boys at that age are curious and although annoying to his sister the best thing to do is put a lock on her door for privacy and don't make your son wear her underwear. It's demeaning and it could hurt him in the future regarding a healthy sex life. You are making it sound dirty and it's pure curiosity. I am seven years older than my brother and grew up as a teen in the 50s. My brother would steal my bras (more to upset me than anything else) and I found slamming the door in his face (as he giggled and poked fun at me) was a better lesson. Put a lock on your daughter's door.
  • My friend's mom did make him wear a throng he nevers go in his sis room now.
  • I am a 12 years old girl and I like wearing my 12 year old brother's underwear. I find them cool to wear and my brother wears my underwear.
Ever thinkthat maybe he WANTS to wear them? ima 14 year old boy who loves to wear girl clothing; this includes high heals, stockings, garder belt, thong, gstrings, Skirts, dresses, shorts(girls), Shirts(girls), Bras, Wigs, FULL makeup.
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