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In medieval times what kind of clothes did they Kings lords ladies peasants and serfs wear?

They wore

  • A blouse of cloth or skin fastened by a leather belt round the waist

  • An overcoat or mantle of thick woollen material, which fell from his shoulders to half-way down his legs

  • Shoes or large boots

  • Short woollen trousers

  • From his belt there hung a sheath for his knife and a purse

  • Medieval serfs generally went bareheaded, but in cold weather or in rain he wore a woollen hat. The simple cap was made of thick, coarse woollen cloth. In the early Middle Ages caps were also made of felt or sheep's skin. During the twelfth century, a person's rank or social position was determined by the head-dress.

  • Gloves were only worn for their practical clothing value and were padded for use in tasks such as hedging

Everyone wore a woolen tunic of the Roman style and linen undergarments. The rich wore better materials and brighter colors. They also would have fur lined garments. Leather turn style shoes, cloaks, and a hat. Jewelry was worn by the rich. Knights were forbidden to wear rings. The poor's clothing was simple with basic colors and no decorations. The outer clothing was usually never washed and everyone smelled of wood smoke, but this wasn't a really bad thing since it helped them smell a bit better and kept the fleas off a bit.
Woolen tunics in the Roman style with undergarments of linen. Wealthy could afford a better material and some would be fur lined. Turn style leather shoes, a cloak for winter, and a hat.
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