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Im a 16 year old guy and i like being forced to wear girls thongs n g-strings. is this ok?

I really don't think it's OK to "Be Forced" to wear "Girls Thongs & G-Strings". Who is doing the "Forcing ? Hey, if U think & feel it's OK 2 be "Forced", I say "Git Er Done" if the girl is doing the forcing, than tell her to stop. if you like it..... than you've got issues. This is only a decision that you can make.

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The question your asking can not be answered by anyone but you. To address something you may be wondering; this, though uncommonly, does occur with other people. There are other guys that enjoy such things, but it is unusual and uncommon behavior. Such behaviors as getting pleasure from forced torture is often found in people who enjoy being punished. I think if you are unsure about whether this is a life style you would like to pursue, then I advise you to seek council. Either from a trusted adult, or guidance counselor, or a trustworthy friend. If you choose a friend be sure they are mature enough to help you figure this out. Either way, you should explore what you feel is right, and you will find your own answer. I wish you luck.
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