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If you wet your pants at school how do you hide it?

I only know of one way besides the obvious changing your clothes. Just take a jacket or sweatshirt and tie it around your waist with the main part hanging in the back (you probably did this when you were younger). It looks pretty dorky but hey, it works.
Go to the bathroom and put toilet paper in your pants so it doesn't leak through. Or if worse comes to worse just take your underwear off, and put it in your backpack. If it already has leaked through, then tie a jacket around yourself, or if you don't have one just try not to draw too much attention to yourself. If all else fails, just go to the nurse, and ask her for a fresh change of pants. Sure, it'll be embarrassing to tell the nurse, but at least this way no one else can find out, and make fun of you. Good luck, and my the Lord be with you.
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