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How to get a shine on a black silk top hat?

As "beaver" or "silk" top hat get older, at some point it may have been brushed in the wrong direction, which gives the hat a rough look. What you need to do is to get the "hairs" to go in the correct direction. If you are lucky, there is a small pillow that actually came with the hat when it was purchased, however, most are gone, so a terry cloth towel will work. LIGHTLY wet the towel with clean water (distilled is the best) and brush the hat. You will see it begin to shine. DO NOT soak the hat to much as it will leave a permanent crease. Unfortunately as the hat dries, the hairs may go back. For a more permanent solution use a light amount of KY Jelly on the towel. I know this sounds odd but it does not contain petroleum that can damage the hat. This will keep the "hairs" on the hat going in the same direction and as the hat dries, they will stay there. Once again, don't use to much, because if you soak the hat, it will crease.
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