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How should an overweight person dress?

I'd say dress in what makes you feel comfortable. You don't owe the world an explanation as to the way you dress, so why bother worrying what the world thinks. Do as you want and have fun doing it.
You should not feel you have to dress in a particular way as liking what you wear is important, not to mention your personality. But, if you would like ideas for how to appear more streamlined, try the following:

  • choose tops and bottoms in the same color to avoid a broken line.
  • dark colors are especially good at optically reducing your size.
  • avoid busy designs with a lot of trimmings especially if they run horizontally.
  • long pants or a skirt with a t-shirt and a longer-line shirt worn open can look great. The same applies to a light-colored shirt worn with a darker colored jacket.
  • avoid tight brave enough to buy the size you really are rather than trying to squish into the smaller size because you feel you should be!
  • anything will look great if it is tasteful and of good quality ( op-shops are a must if funds are short).
  • anything will look great if also worn with confidence in your right to be big! A happy face is the best accessory.
  • take a look at catalogs or photos of big people who you think look really great... try to work out exactly why they look their best. Don't necessarily try to copy them, just work out their secret. It may not even have anything to do with their clothing!

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