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How sericulture effects the environment?

Here you can place your ad.$60usd/ Disinfection is an integral part of healthy and successful silkworm rearing. It aims at the total destruction of disease causing pathogens. Several diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa affect the silkworms. These pathogens released by diseased silkworms easily accumulate and spread in the rearing environment through different routes. They are not easily destroyed and can persist / survive for long periods under congenial conditions. The spores of the pathogens, especially those of fungi are light and can easily be drifted by air current resulting in easy spread of diseases. There are no curative methods for any of the silkworm diseases and they are best prevented than cured. This is achieved by adoption of proper and effective methods of disinfection and stepwise maintenance of hygiene during rearing. To realize the benefit of disinfection (mass) and rearing at village or block level considering them as one unit.
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