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How many inches can a pocket knife be in size and be legal to carry in your possession in the stlIs there a law as to how many inches can a pocket kni

(most likely 3 inches.) Actually, there's no limit.
I happened to be researching this exact subject. Do a search on "California Law pocket knife" to find sites with detailed answers. Basically, as long as it's not a "switchblade" (includes butterfly knives), there's no limit on blade length for a folding knife under CA law.
ALL folding knives are banned from schools up to high school, but okay on university and college campuses. Blades of 4" or more are banned from airports and government buildings. Most security don't know the shorter ones are okay, though, and won't let you take any kind of knife in with you. This is just the basic info, though, I encourage you to do more research for all the exceptions and limitations
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