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How do you wear a lunghi?

Very carefully! Westerners have the tendency of stepping on the trailing edge when standing from a sitting position -- exposing their longota -- a two-piece loincloth consisting of a cotton sash tied around the waist and a "napkin" tucked into the sash, front and rear -- man's earlist underware.
A lunghi is a traditional men's wrap-around, differenciated between a dhoti, by length and fabric design. The lunghi being the shorter and more colorful and easier to wear. Open the 4x3 retangular fabric and bring it up behind you -- think of a bath towel. Cross the left and right edges tight around your waist. Do Not Tuck -- instead, the ends are rolled under and downward. This locks the garmet. The lunghi is versitile. On warm days the bottom edges are hiked up and tucked into the waist, exposing the legs below the knees. In the evening it may be worn full lenght. In rural India the lunghi is standard issue. However, Levis and Nikis are the 'cool look' even when the hot day would suggest something maybe not so 'hip' but definitely 'cooler'.
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