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How do you tell if a chanel bag is fake?

There are many ways to tell if a Chanel bag is fake. First, the material is shoddy and cheap looking. Second, the quilting pattern does not align or not symmetrical. Third, the Chanel stamping or label has the improper font and alignment of lettering. Fourth, the serial number sticker usually has the wrong font or incorrect details. Fifth, the authenticity card that come with the bag gives off a rainbow hue when photographed, whereas authentic cards never give off a rainbow hue.
In order to determine if a bag is authentic, one must look for the following details:

1) alignment of quilting pattern of the front, back, sides, and bottom of the bag
2) the serial number sticker and number side of the authenticity card
3) proper font of the Chanel and Made in France or Italy stamp
4) engraving on zipper pulls and zipper sliders
5) screws behind the CC turnknob or mademoiselle turnknob
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