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How do you make an mermaid tail?

For Hannah's actual tail I've done some research and this is what I've found...
Remember to be original & create your own look. Don't copy Hannah's..that would kinda be disrespectful since she shared this information...
Hannah's Tail is completely handmade by her so you can't just order one from the internet. You have to make it yourself.
Things you will need
1.)3 mm wetsuit neoprene material
2.)Mono fin (below there is a link and discount code)
3.)dance fabric or paint(swim fabric) (optional) to cover wetsuit material/decorate it
4.)sequins/shells/diamontes (like circles since they resemble scales)
5.)Rust proof (professional)Zippers (to get in and out of tail) &/or to remove mono fin
6.)Thread & E6000 glue (to attach decorations and seal from water getting in
7.)Needle &/or sewing machine to attach scales(sequines) and zipper
8.)hard plastic like floor mat/ laminating thickness to attach to resemble fins
& creativity
9.For matching top use a bra or swim suit top and use the same fabric, paint &/or sequins you used for the tail to match them
10.) for hair accessories I personally would use bobby pins with shells glued to them. OR go to and type in mermaid hair accessories and people have tons of ideas & howtos to try out. I'd stick to simple. The bigger your accessories are the more awkward it is to swim and they break easier... most are made for out of the water use. Stick to simple.
11.) makeup..go for a waterproof makeup & try to buy from companies that are vegan (earth friendly/animal friendly). There's a list of those on the website

-Hannah has several tails..each one she makes is better than the last & different in looks. It's best if you do your own thing..if you want sequined hearts then do sequined hearts! If you like clown fish..paint nemo! lol j/k on that last part...well only if you are really that weird and want to then go right ahead! But stick to your own style and use things you want on there... because taking it off is not going to happen... especially with the sewed on details. :P
-Try making it so it's easy to dry out..I've heard mold and mildew are big issues with all tails. I've heard that the monfins get all nasty and slimy..Thats why i'd try using a zipper to take it in and out..

*I've also heard you can go thru a company like "Flip tails" to do custom fins like hannahs. I believe he did some of the tail fins on hannahs tail. According to his facebook page he did.

Here's a quote from Hannahs site (freq asked questions page)

"How do you make your mermaid tails?

I don't currently make mermaid tails for other people because they are very time consuming, expensive and difficult to fit to the exact dimensions of another person's body shape. At the moment I prefer to be a performance artist than a tail maker, but in the future I may offer specialty tails for sale. Stayed tuned! I am happy to share tips on tail making so you can go through the creative process yourself! I made my tail out of a FINIS COMPETITOR MONOFIN. I can offer you a 10% discount if you use a special code when purchasing : The code is 'Hannah' (partner or affiliate code) You enter the code at checkout. Finis also sells a kids mermaid monofin, which is a smaller, cheaper option. The main part of the tail covering is made from 3 mm wetsuit neoprene material. Cut it into the mermaid tail shape by lying on the fabric and tracing your outline while wearing your monofin. It needs to be skin tight so that its not baggy and water doesn't get inside and slow you down when swimming. Cut a zipper line down the back of the tail down to the ankle. Use a very strong, stainless steel (from outside awnings/ furniture manufacturer) type of zipper that wont break or rust in water. Sew the 2 sides of the tail together with the decorated and painted sides facing each other, then turn it right side out. Leave the fin end and the top waist area open. Insert the monofin into the bottom of the wetsuit tail. Hand sew or use E6000 bonding glue to seal the end of the wetsuit tail closed. You can add extra fins onto end of the tail using flexible plastics such as floor matting or curtain fringing material of your choice. Use E6000 glue to adhere. DECORATION: You can use screen printing heat set paint to color the tail with your scale design, and/or sew on any decorations, such as sequins, shells etc. I create the mermaid tops out of bras, and cover them with sequins, shells, diamontes, fake seaweed and netting, and I use stretchy transparent beading string to hold them on while swimming. Creating your own tail is a pretty laborious process with some trial and error!! But it's a lot of fun to create your own style. It probably costs about $600- $2000 in materials. (depending on prices in your local area and materials used) Please use your own creativity... I think each tail should be unique and an expression of each persons individuality. Please dont copy my colors and designs, but use my tips to help you create your own unique tail. Good luck and happy mermaiding!~ "

If you are budgeted on money and time.. you can just go to and buy according to your price range or attempt to make a cheap one like in the video below O.o

*They also make mermaid tail monofins for kids so if you are going to attempt just a fabric one why not get the mermaid mono fin and cover so it looks like its all one? add some decorations and style so it's not just plain colored..same goes for the ones you buy. You can always add your style to them.

PLEASE KNOW HOW TO SWIM BEFORE MAKING ANY TAIL! IF YOU ARE A MINOR CHILD ADULT SUPERVISION IS A MUST...PLEASE DON'T DROWN! Hope all this information helps those wanting to make a tail...if you are serious about making a tail I'd use the directions above..not the video..just my 2cents xoxo -Leesypie
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