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How do you know if a guy just wants sex?

Here are some signs: If he never takes you anywhere for entertainment, but hangs around and hits the sheets with you every chance he gets. Never introduces you to his friends or family Doesn't discuss himself with you at times or ask what your hopes and dreams are. Doesn't always keep dates and turns up when he feels like it. Doesn't treat you with respect. If he is any of these things then kick this guy to the curb! Good luck Marcy He's a guy. He wants sex. Now the tough part: Does he JUST want sex. Here's my quick answer: Don't pay any attention to what he SAYS. Pay attention to what he does. If over 1/2 the time he's trying to have sex with you or something of the sort, then he PROBABLY just wants sex. I'm a guy. I know. Knowing You're Being Used Here is advice:
  • It seems to me that if a man were using a woman for sex, he would not be puting her ahead of his own wants. If he only want the woman on his terms and on his time, he is most likely using her.
  • He only calls to have sex. He only makes time for you to have sex. He isn't caring, compassionate, doesn't make time other than to have sex. All you do is have sex!
  • Are there feelings involved? Does he make time for you? Make an effort or only when it pertains to sex?
If you are asking, he probably is using you. Does he treat you with respect? Does he make time for you other than for a romp in the sheets? Does he do things for you? No it's not possible that a man could just use you for sex. A man will only have sex with a woman if he is deeply in love. Just using you is totally impossible; men just won't do that. It appears you are quite naive about it and certainly many men are just looking for nothing but sex. Answer Most of the posters are correct. If he does nice things for you after "a romp in the sheets" and just doesn't come around for sex, then he does care. Most young men seem to think, dream and go through life re thinking of sex, but it doesn't mean that all men just use women. In fact, there are some women that use men in this way! Take it slow and easy and size the guy up. If you refuse to have a sexual encounter with him for a few months and he still sticks around your chances of having a nice guy around are very high. Most men who just want that romp in the old hay will move on immediately to some other girl. Answer I don't believe that a man has to be deeply in love with you to have sex with you 1 time or 1 thousand times. Men don't feel the same way about sex as women do. They can have sex and not have feelings for a woman. If he is only calling you for a booty call or your having sex everytime you are together and then you don't see or hear from him again until the next booty call then I feel he is using you. Does he take you out on the town? Do you know his friends and does he take you anywhere that both of you are seen together. Does he take you out for a nice dinner or bring take out to the house. Does he say he loves being with you. After the act does he treat you with a cold shoulder and rush out of your home into the night or does he hold you and cuddle with you. This should give you a idea if he is using you or not.
No I dont believe a man has to be deeply in love with you either. But if he introduces you to his mum and his family then of course well I hope he loves you. I have got a question what if you was on the first date with your boyfriend and you slept with him and every other day when you was together but then took you out to meet his family and fall out with his friends over you is that classed as cheating?
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