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How do you change a red homecoming dress into lavender or a light purple without ruining it?

It depends on the fabric. My guess is that the best advice is: Don't. Homecoming dresses are most often made from synthetics. Synthetics, most often, are made from all sorts of stuff, chemicals, heaven knows what--some of which will take bleach and dye one way, some another, all of which, together, will most likely leave you with a wreckage of a mess. I could be wrong, so you might take it to a very clever cleaner or, even better, a tailor. But I don't think I'm wrong. In this way, fabric is a lot like hair. If you want to go darker, it's a lot easier. When you try to remove what you don't want, you run into a whole lot more problems. In fact, instead of just thinking of it like hair, think of it like the endless process of weight control.
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