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How do you be scene?

Okay, well people say the most rediculous stuff for being scene. Don't listen to them. Scene is not a personality like people say. Just like people say emo is being emotional and cutting yourself... emo doesn't mean cutting yourself. Depression does. And depression is NOT a sterotype. So anyways, to be scene... a BIG must is layerd hair. Like people say... "you need blonde or black hair..." Scene can be any color! You don't have to dye your hair ridiculously crazy designs and all that stuff. Scene can also be any length... you don't have to have hair extensions either. To be honest, I like the short scene hair because I think the long scene hair with extensions look trashy. Also there is extensions that are just to make your hair a diffrent color... those are really cheap. I kinda like them. You can get them at Claire's for about 5-10 dollars for 1 strip. But I suggest only getting one strip or two... not a lot to cover your whole head. Some people do this, but some people don't... but some people tease their hair and put tons of hairspray in their hair. I don't really like to do that... but I like teasing my hair just a little so it won't look flat. Don't tease your hair or use hairspray everyday.. your hair could fall out by the chemicals in the hairspray and by you teasing it a lot... It has happend to a lot of people. So about the makeup, I don't do the makeup... All I do is use a little bit of eyeliner. I just don't like user almost all of my eyeliner, so I don't do the wing. My opinion is it's a little bit too much. I also use mascara. Mascara is fine too. You have probably seen someone have "drew on eyebrows" which I think is ugly. Maybe you can darken your eyebrows with pencil if your eyebrows are to light... just I don't like the "drew on eyebrows" But it is whatever you want to do. If you want those eyebrows... all you have to do is cut off all your eyebrow hairs and paint your eyebrows very carefully the shape you want them... some people just get a tatoo so their eyebrows will be like that forever. So yeah, I think it is dumb... but it is kinda being part of scene. A lot of scene kids have pericings... if you want pericings, I suggest snake bites, spiderbites, or nose pericings. If you can't get your lips peirced... you can always make a fake one by getting a old notebook you don't use anymore, and the spiral type thing you cut to make it look like a C. Then you just put it on your lip. (I think it looks good, I have done it before.) Be sure to paint your nails... a lot of scene kids paint their nails black. Even the guys. Okay so now to what they wear... You can really wear whatever you want. Bt most people say their is two types of clothes that scene kids wear... their is scene that is more of punk, and more of girly. If you want a punk-ish outfit, you wear band tees with skinny jeans and vans or converse. The girly scene you wear dresses, tanktops, and shirts... They useually wear neon colors. If they don't then they wear baby-ish colors. You know... like baby pink and just sweet colors. I don't really remember what to call it but you probably know what I mean... (hopefully). For shoes... the more punk-ish look wears Converse(All Stars or Chuck Taylors) or vans. The girly scene wears ballet flats. So scene has NOTHING to do with typing like people say... just remember that. That is way to overrated and you don't have to have a certain phone either. ^^
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