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How can you tell your mom you need a bra?

I just did this a couple of days ago. Two things you need to do. Start by asking your mom to take you to the book store. Trust me this might seem strange but it works. Work up some courage and simply explain that you want The Care and Keeping of You by American Girl because it has a lot of health tips. Make it a mother daughter experience to read the book together. Chapter two is about bras. You could skip straight to that chapter. Then just tell you mom you want to try the bra measuring exercise. Then if you need a bra, she will realize it when you measure. You can do that or you can work up some courage and ask. The only other thing you can do is go to Justice Kohl's or any other place where the sale bras. Then put in a super tight top or a V-neck and tell your mom that you need something to go under it. If she suggest a different top tell her you REALLY want that one. Then just walk by the bras and say that you think that it might help. Ask your mom to help you pick it out. Also you should probably come up with a couple reasons like I'm almost 13. All the other girls have one and It feels uncomfortable in gym and stuff like that. Try One of those ideas.
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