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How Should I act Dress Speak and what should I look like to be an ideal girl that a rapper gangster boy would like And is it impossible for Me to have

It's going to be somewhat difficult for you to have a rapper/gangster boyfriend if you live in the U.K. as most of what you are looking for, is here in the U.S. Now, when you refer to gangster/rapper, you have a few different "sub categories". Mainly, are you looking for Mexican, Black, Puerto Rican, or Asian gangster/rapper? Each one is different, have a different way of dressing, and usually a seperate set of standards(Mexican gangs tend to be more neighborhood and area oriented, vs. the others tend to lean towards a color (Crips/Bloods), or if you head East, Folks, Disciples, Latin Kings, etc...). Speaking generally, gangster/rappers are just like any other guy, their tastes in women will vary from everything to the Britney Spears (old, not recent) looking like a "not so innocent" school girl, to Eve with her breasts haning out of her dress, and tattoos. Have you seen "Da Ali G" show, or the movie? If you'd like to a do a little research from abroad, here are a few movies that are decent, and will at least give you somewhat of an idea of what it's like. Some exaggerate, some are right on the money. Here goes...(Mexican gangs: Boulevard Nights (late 70's, early 80's, great classic film), American Me (shows how things started from the 50's to the present), Mi Vida Loca (great for a chic flic, you would get some insight from this one). You could put Blood in Blood Out on the list, just wasn't impressed. (Black gangs: Menace to Society(good movie), (Asian Gangs: still waiting). Colors is a pretty good all around one, just slightly outdated now. So........typical "gangster girl", is going to have tight jeans, or loose Dickies, halter top(usually). Sometimes they are classy, sometimes trashy. I'm personally into both. Being an ex gang member I have to ask, "Why?" Most of them either A)get passed around to the homies, B) get pregnant and left to themselves at a relatively early age, C) get hooked on serious drugs(meth, coke, etc...)D) wind up in jail because she was taking care of "her man's" business. On the cover, it looks kind of cool. Boyfriend all flashy and blinging like he's "the man", but still lives with mom, no job, no car, no future. Real rappers (good ones), have a contract with a label or are currently pursuing one. They are ready for hard work. Real Gangsters are either locked up, desceased, or hanging out on the streets that people don't go down at night. A few like myself, got out of the game and try to do better for themselves. Everyone else inbetween are "wanna be's". They either want to be a rapper, or they want to be a gangster, or maybe just a little of both. Real gangsters don't have a choice, it's not a lifestyle, it's LIFE.
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