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How CaN yOu Be fAsHiOnAbLe and SAVE money AT the SAME time?

Absolutely-- you can be both frugal AND fabulous-- first, find your personal style-- the one that suits you, your lifestyle and your body shape best. Once you've established that, then you can start shopping strategically.

You don't have to spend a lot to be fabulous-- you just have to buy well made clothing that FITS. Find a reliable and reputable tailor-- preferably one that's inexpensive.

Buy fewer, higher quality items-- and buy them at a steep discount by buying them at the end of the season. Oftentimes, you can find items at department stores on sale (with a coupon stacked on, too!) for WAY less than Wal-mart prices. And, scour the racks at TJ Maxx, Marshalls-- and even Target, JC Penney and thrift shops-- leave no stone unturned.

Before shopping in store, check if there are any current printable store coupons. Befriend the employees-- I have a few stores that will give me a heads up when they're about to do markdowns. Even after purchasing, find out if you can get a price adjustment if and when the item has been marked down-- all you need to do is go to the store with your receipt.

If an item is damaged in any way-- small (removable) stains, loose buttons, whatever-- ask if they can offer a discount-- the worst that they can say is no, and they'll probably say yes!

Never shop online without checking if there's a coupon available-- and click through ebates or fat wallet or another site that gives you cashback just for clicking through their site. If you can't find a coupon to use, call customer service and ask (nicely) if there are any available.

And, sell your no longer loved items on eBay or at a consignment store-- use those savings to pay for new items.

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