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Do straight men ever wear thongs?

Some of them do. Most of them will wear thongs for their girlfriends, you know, to try something new. But generally, I don't believe that most straight men wear thongs on a daily basis.

then you clearly must be ignorant. besides, what does being gay or straight have to do with wearing a thong/gstring?? at the end of the day its just underwear and if you read up on the history of thongs/gstrings you'll find that it was in-fact men who were wearing them long before women were. go look at Europe and you'll find that in the southern regions that most men will wear them as well.
I'm a 25yo male married with child and i wear thongs/gstrings just about every single day. at home, at work, at the gym and more. there is NO WAY IN HELL that by just wearing a single item of clothing makes you gay. i know gay men who do and don't wear thongs/gtrings, it all just comes down to personal preferences and what makes an individual feel good about them selves, not what society and dim witted individuals such as the first person who answered thinks.
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