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Do people like school uniforms?

Not always only sometimes because of the person's personality. Only certain people like school uniforms.

It generally depends on what "people" you ask. Teachers generally like it, because it makes it far easier for them to distinguish students from strangers, which is helpful in a potential "stranger" situation or other thing. It also makes excursions off school grounds far easier as the group is easy to make out.

Parents almost always like it too, because it means normal washing (unless the student does it themselves, as is sometimes the case) and stops impulsive buyers from the whole "But i can't be seen wearing that twice" nonsense and allows for a simple decision when it comes to what to wear; school uniform. No fighting, no misbehavior, nothing.

Some students like it too, especially ones that may be less well off financially or those with what others may call a "bad fashion sense".

At the end of the day, though, it does depend on the person, because there are exceptions. I personally like it, even if I hate having to wear black leather shoes.
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