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Do men still wear kilts in Ireland?

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone outside a tourist, a New York St Patrick s day parade or a pipe band wearing one (and they wear plain saffron). The traditional Irish garment was the leine, the kilt worn now (little kilt or phillabeg/feilidh-beag) was invented by an Englishman Rawlinson whose Scottish workers found the traditional highland kilt or plaide too uncomfortable. The Irish tartans that exist today have nearly all been invented by the Scottish tartan manufacturers in the twentieth century to sell to tourists. They are mostly taken from the colours of the arms of the counties and regions and the colours substituted into Scottish tartans to produce them. Various claims have been made that a number of Irish tartans were shown in a book called Clans Originaux (1880) but when the list was discovered it was more of a pattern book than a literary one and not one Irish pattern was contained. Nor have any other 19th century books on tartan. Pictures purportedly showing the Irish wearing tartan kilts have turned out to be mail quilts (protection) or the bottom of the Irish leine. The only actual Irish historical tartan dated to the 17th century was found in a peat bog in the 1950s in Ulster, the tartan cloth is thought to have been manufactured in Ireland but the actual trews they were made into in Scotland. Given the movement over the sea between the Gaelic cultures of Highlands of Scotland and Ireland historically hardly proof positive that it was Irish tartan.
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